One Game A Month

EDIT: I am no longer doing One Game A Month - I moved on to bigger projects, so this page is out of date!

I signed up for McFunkypants One Game A Month challenge, so here I'm going to keep a list of all twelve games and their status as I make them. This list will be updated as the year goes on!

  • January - I Can't Escape
    I Can't Escape is a 3D, first person horror game being written in Flash's Stage3D. It has an unannounced gameplay mechanic, but is focused mainly on exploring a creepy dungeon with retro graphics (think old raycasting games).
  • February - Different Color
    A short (~15 min) interactive story about friendship and loneliness.
  • March - Trip Through Time
    A robot from a post-apocalyptic era is sent back in time to observe the nature of humans and decide whether or not they are worth bringing back.
  • April - Rhythos! Arcade BETA
    Battle 15 unique enemies in this real time battle RPG combining the best elements from rhythm and fighting games.
  • May - None, was working on Rhythos RPG Builder
  • June - None
  • July - None
  • August - None
  • September - None
  • October - None
  • November - None
  • December - None
Definite Ideas (these are ideas I'm definitely going to do, just not sure when):
Dance Lenin, Dance
Adventures in Zythros

Possible Ideas:
The Summoned
The Final Battle
Open Worlds (in a basic form that can be expanded upon)
Deus Shift Remake
Adventures of Marlin
Nom Nom Defense

Bigger Ideas (probably too big, but who knows?):
Aero Empire Remake
Unnamed RPG/These Falling Stars

Yup, I have plenty of ideas, but I'll have to pick which ones I'll want to do, and make sure the ones I pick are doable within a month or less...

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