Monday, July 23, 2012


The first nickname my parents gave me was "Search and Destroy." This was because as a toddler I would search for buttons to press and gadgets to take apart. What would happen if I hit that button? How did that strange box function? With my inquisitive nature and interest in technology, it should be no surprise that I quickly became fascinated with computers and game development. My dad taught me QBasic in 6th grade, a simple and very old programming language, and with it, I wrote my first text based adventure game. This was back in 1998, and I've been making computer games in one form or another ever since.

All of my QBasic games have been lost, but here's a fun QBasic game I played as a kid that looks better than most of my QBasic games!

Today, I've graduated college, gotten a masters in computer science, have a wife and two cats, and work full time as a C++ programmer. However, I have never forgotten my desire to make games, and always have a project or two that I work on in my spare time. Recently, I've started an indie game studio with my wife and some friends called Fancy Fish Games, which I hope to one day make my full time job. I started this blog to document and share stories about my adventures as an indie game developer, as well as network and get in touch with other game developers.

A video from a 3D rendering research project I did during my masters in computer science. Looks slightly nicer than above QBasic game.

Feel free to follow me as I talk about life as a game developer, progress on my current game projects, and share some retrospectives on my previous projects.


  1. btw: where can we find youre flashgames? would be nice if you write some small post bout it

  2. I'll definitely post more about those later, but the links (if applicable) can be found in my games page: . Some of the flash games are still exclusive to a sponsor, or not complete, so I can't post a link to them yet, but I'll add a post when I can post the link!