Saturday, September 8, 2012

VIDE Player

EDIT: VIDE VIDE is now on IndieDB with some new images/animations.

In celebration of the completion of vide, and to learn how to use the program, my wife made a quick sword swing animation (this was just a quick test, which is why the hand is not grasping the sword), which you can see below in the VIDE flash player (this animation also works on my android device):

Get Adobe Flash player

The program was easy to use, and the results are quite nice. Being able to animate images makes it easy to make high quality animations. Our next game project, Shattered Worlds (working title), is now cleared to be made in VIDE, so look forward to updates on that.

EDIT: A screenshot of the VIDE Editor for those who are interested:


  1. I wanna see this editor in action! =D
    Im working on something similar so Im always looking forward to your updates, cheers

  2. If you understand that it is a buggy alpha version with no help manual, and you want to play around in it, perhaps I will give you access to it. Send me an email if you're curious.