Monday, April 1, 2013

Where's My March 1GAM?

So, it is April 1st, past the deadline to have released my March One Game A Month, and yet I have only released this website: , and there is no playable version of the game available anywhere. It's about a robot from a post-apocalyptic era who is sent back in time to observe the nature of humans and decide whether or not they are worth bringing back to life.

The trailer of the game, the only footage that I have released.

I'm sure you're all very patient, and are eagerly awaiting while I "look into one release option," but I regret to inform you that this has all been an April Fool's joke in bad taste. I'm not actually looking into release options at all, and have decided, aside from my friends and family, that no one should be able to play "Trip Through Time."

The world is not ready for this game.

This decision didn't come easily, as I really do want to get my games out there. However, I just feel that the world is not ready for this game. You see, in the development of this game, I wanted to have the robot travel all the way back to his "present," the year 397 A.H. (after humans). But, I am also a strong believer that games have to be realistic, and I just didn't know what the future era should look like, let alone the post-apocalyptic era. So there was only one reasonable way for me to add those eras: I invented a time machine, and both myself and my wife (Natalie Maletz, who created the art for the game) traveled into the future to gather reference material.

That's like spoiling the ending of a good book.

Now, the game and it's art was meant to only be loosely based off of the future, however, as people play-tested the game, we realized that the game was actually revealing too much of what we had seen, and I just can't in clear conscience do that to the world. That's like spoiling the ending of a good book.

So, I apologize to all followers and everyone who was excited about playing the game, but I wont be releasing it to the public. Thank you for all your interest, and please look forward to my April 1GAM. I have learned a lot from this game, and it is clear to me now that some things are best left unknown.

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