Monday, August 20, 2012

Progress Update

Since the last blog post, I have been working mainly on VIDE. On the side, I have also been working on two small flash projects, Nom Nom Defense and Dance Lenin, Dance, which you can read about in the Future Projects page. Shattered Worlds and the Unnamed RPG are confirmed to be made in VIDE, and work on Shattered Worlds (along with more information on that project) will likely start after VIDE is done.

The VIDE API is complete, which allows me to load and run VIDE animations in games. Additionally, the API has been tested and works on the following platforms:

PC (Windows XP and Windows 7)
Linux (Ubuntu)
Mac (Snow Leopard)
Android 2.2
iPhone and iPad (Only in the simulator, as I do not own either of these devices)

As for the editor for making the animations, it is progressing smoothly. Right now, I have a basic library and layered timeline that can do keyframe animations and drag & drop operations. While its basic functionality is pretty advanced, there is still a lot to do before it will be a fully featured editor, so I expect work on VIDE to continue for another month or so.

A screenshot of the VIDE editor, showing a layered bone animation.

There will probably be few updates until VIDE is complete, as there is a lot of work that has to be done on it that is not very interesting to blog about. But rest assured, Fancy Fish Games is well underway, and we have some very interesting game projects planned for when VIDE is complete.


  1. do you plan to release VIDE, Im asking because Im working on a game that would benefit alot from VIDE and Im sure alot of other gameDevs would appreciate that aswell =)

    great stuff as always man!

  2. I've certainly been thinking about whether I should release it or not. I definitely wont release it until I've finished Shattered Worlds, the first game that I plan to make with VIDE - mainly so I get a chance to use it before everyone else, and get a chance to see how it works and debug potential problems :P . After that, I might release VIDE to the public, so the answer is, maybe.

  3. I would release it, but as you said only after you finished at least one game using your engine - the only question I would ask myself - release for free or for a fee?

  4. I'll probably set the licensing deals on a per-project basis, and be pretty flexible. I might accept an up front payment, or a small percent of the profits, or even some non-monetary payment that I think is mutually beneficial.