Thursday, September 6, 2012

VIDE is complete!

This will be a short post, but I wanted to inform everyone that the VIDE editor's alpha version is finished. It is feature-complete, and so far seems to be working without bugs, but that wont really be tested until the first game is made using it. It also includes some additional features that I wasn't even thinking of adding originally: the ability to import, add bones and animate vector art, motion paths, and the ability to attach layers to bones (useful for attaching a weapon to a hand, and having the weapon animate with the hand).

I wont be releasing VIDE to the public until I finish a game or two using it (and remove any potential bugs or problems that may arise), but this is big news for Fancy Fish Games. Many games we want to make are dependent on VIDE and were waiting for its completion. Now that it is done, we can begin work on those games. Additionally, we now have our own animation toolkit, which is tuned for the kinds of games we want to make.

Look forward to some updates on our game projects now that VIDE is done!

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